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About Blake Mostyn & The Drum And Percussion Academy

Blake Mostyn has been playing drums for approximately 12 years and has performed in a plethora of bands ranging from metal, funk, jazz, hip hop, soul and drum & bass. This has not only given him a huge amount experience within the gigging, writing and recording aspects of playing drums but has also given him a deep knowledge of different genres and how to professionally portray their characteristics in any situation.

Blake has studied at the prestigious London music college Drumtech where he was taught by Thomas Meadows (Duffy)and graduated with a full B Tech music diploma in Modern Musicianship. Blake then studied at the infamous Brighton based music college BIMM where he was taught by Adam Bushell (Sheryl Crow, Faithless), Andy Nixon (Feeder, Jeff Buckley) and Vinnie Lammi (Spice Girls/Mel C) to which he graduate with a full BA Honors Degree in Professional Musicianship.

After studying Blake then became a teacher at the Sussex Academy Of Music and worked his way up to become head of the drum department where his reputation as a great teacher grew along with his clientele. Skip forward to today and Blake is now teaching at the ever growing Drum And Percussion Academy where his reputation continues to grow.