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Drum lessons in Brighton from the Drum And Percussion Academy (DAPA)


The Drum And percussion Academy!

Have you ever wanted to reach your full potential on the Drums? Ever wanted to play your favorite drummer's fills and grooves? Well now you can!

The Drum & Percussion Academy tailors its drum lessons specifically to your tastes and needs so whether its Jazz, Rock, Drum & Bass, Funk, Metal and Garage, we've got it covered.




Our Lessons

The Drum & Percussion Academy (DAPA) focusses on the technical aspects of drumming, such as: technique, feel and general genre understanding, whilst allowing you to progress and develop in a way that feels relevant to your own personal development.

Our drum lessons in Brighton & Hove can be held in a number of different studios located in across the cityand home visits are easily accommodated if you have a drum kit and live in Brighton, Hove, Sussex & Surrey.

Drum Lessons are taught with an undertanding that each student is not only different in their approach to drumming but also different in their approach to learning. It is this understanding that has allowed DAPA to become so successful.

Lessons Include

  • Drum Groove Development
  • Drum Technique Development
  • Drum Stylistic Studies - Rock, Funk, Jazz etc
  • Drum Fill Development
  • Drum Rudimentary Practice
  • Orchestrating Drum Fill Ideas
  • Four Way Co-ordination
  • Advanced Drum Groove Concepts
  • Requested Songs
  • Drum Practice Routines 
  • Band Advice
  • Drum Tuning Tips